THE MILLENNIUM by Loraine Boettner ©1957

(1901-1990 AD)



Loraine Boettner

Loraine Boettner – “A careful reading of Paul’s words should convince an open-minded Bible student that the Antichrist and the apostasy are long since past.”




  1. Introduction
  2. Representative Theologians in the Different Systems
  3. Statement of the Doctrine
  4. Inadequate Terminology
  5. A Redeemed World or Race
  6. The Vastness of the Redeemed Multitude
  7. The World is Growing Better
  8. Material Prosperity During the Millennium
  9. The Millennium not a Perfect or Sinless State
  10. The Millennial Age Approaches by Imperceptible Degrees
  11. Thousand Years a Symbolic Figure
  12. A Final Apostasy or Rebellion
  13. Principles of Interpretation
  14. The Old Testament Sacrificial System
  15. The Nature and Purpose of Prophecy


  1. Introduction
  2. Statements by Representative Amillennialists
  3. The Kingdom Prophecies
  4. The Binding of Satan
  5. Parable of the Wheat and the Tares
  6. Future Considerations


  1. Historic Premillennialism
  2. Dispensationalism
  3. The Rapture
  4. The Great Tribulation
  5. The Anti-Christ
  6. The Kingdom Postponement Theory
  7. The Parenthesis Church Theory
  8. The Church in the Old Testament
  9. The Coming of Christ
  10. The Resurrection
  11. The Judgment
  12. The Kingdom
  13. The Millennium
  14. The Gospel of the Kingdom and the Cross
  15. The Jews and Palestine
  16. Date-Setting
  17. “The Last Days”; “The Latter Days”
  18. A Pessimistic Theory
  19. The Influence of Premillennialism in the Churches
  20. Historical Aspects
  21. The Old and the New Covenant, and the State of Israel
  22. The Millennium of Revelation 20
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